UL International New Zealand Ltd is a Recognised External Approval Scheme (REAS) under the New South Wales Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017.

On 13 November 2020, the NSW Office of Fair Trading provided updated conditions associated with the activity of Recognised External Approval Schemes, which include some requirements of note.

These updated conditions do not impact the activity of UL International New Zealand Ltd as a Recognised Approval Scheme (REAS); however, do impact customers with respect to certification marking.

  • The principal place of business responsible for the approval or certification of Electrical Articles must be within the countries of Australia or New Zealand.
  • Any laboratory test report must be from a laboratory having current ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from an ILAC MRA partner, and the test report shall show the laboratory’s accreditation ID, the standards that were used to conduct the test and the test results for the Article.
  • Photographs in the test report must provide clear and comprehensive identification of the tested article, or supplementary photographs shall be supplied.
  • The Scheme shall ensure that all persons authorised by it to approve or certify articles on its behalf act independently, impartially and with integrity, and do not have any conflict of interest or engage in any activity that may conflict with the independence of their judgement and integrity in relation to the approving or certifying articles.
  • The only authorised certification mark is of a standard format of ABC-XXXXXX-EA, where ‘ABC-‘ identifies the Scheme, ‘XXXXXX’ are any six numerals and ‘-EA’ cannot be changed.
  • The Scheme shall not authorise the RCM as a substitute to the authorised mark. This does not apply to products covered by certificates issued prior to 13 November 2020.
  • The Scheme is permitted to pre-allocate relevant authorised marks.