UL’s Auckland laboratory has capability and accreditation to provide electrical safety compliance solutions for a comprehensive range of products to facilitate local and international market access.

Products covered by our capability include electrical accessories, switchgear, household and commercial appliances, lighting, IT and AV equipment, indoor and outdoor power tools and industrial machinery.

Full Electrical Safety Type Testing

For product manufacturers or for importers of products without any prior testing, we can carry out full testing against a range of AS/NZS, EN or IEC standards. Where a full test is not necessary, we can advise on the appropriate selective testing that might be relevant for your products.

Selected (“Top-Up”) Testing

Where an imported product has already been tested in an overseas jurisdiction, we can carry out “top up” testing. This consists of testing just the differences between the overseas standard and the relevant AS/NZS standard.

Product “Due Diligence”

With an increased regulatory focus on the ability of responsible suppliers to demonstrate the “on shelf safety” of imported products, UL has a wide range of tools and services to assist monitor and verify compliance not only at the place of manufacture but throughout the supply chain.   This includes regulatory review, risk based supplementary evaluation and supplier process audits.