UL’s technical leadership, expertise and independence has been integral to enabling fire and life safety technology advancement since 1894. This, along with world-class research and test facilities, has earned UL’s reputation as safety science leader in fire and life safety technology.


The UL-AU Mark Scheme is a specific solution for Australia. It is managed in-region by personnel with deep industry experience and a local certification team. It brings increased credibility to the market with UL’s global reputation underlined by accreditation from the Joint Accreditation Scheme of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

Central to UL-AU Mark Scheme is the evaluation of products and systems to the standards and test specifications applicable to Australian regulatory and market requirements. The UL AU Mark brings credibility to the market, providing confidence that products and systems meet the applicable regulatory and market requirements for Australia.


UL’s solution enables suppliers to bring products to market efficiently, to mitigate compliance risk and to differentiate themselves with certification from the safety science leader.

UL leverages global testing capability to minimize project turnaround, with timely product evaluation enabling suppliers to bring products to market efficiently. Product evaluation is performed in UL’s accredited test facilities or select partner laboratories.

Follow up surveillance activity is conducted at all manufacturing locations, enabling suppliers to mitigate compliance risk and providing confidence to suppliers, specifiers and regulatory authorities.

The UL AU Mark Scheme provides globally recognised identification of certified product through use of the Enhanced UL Mark, combined with specific identifier for the Australian market.

Certified products are also listed in UL Product iQ™, UL’s publicly accessible product certification directory.